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Forums » General & Multi-Country » Bad experience with AMOMA


Bad experience with AMOMA

by /bio/gadewaal ยป

I recently went to Hungary and booked a hotel using AMOMA about two months in advance. I am normally very punctual in everything I do so I was really surprised when I noticed my mistake in booking one night in Budapest a week earlier than planned. I immediately tried to fix the mistake, within a minute, but found to my surprise that it was not possible - I had to pay the full amount for the mistake. No refund possible. I subsequently contacted AMOMA in Sydney I think and after many efforts and emails I was told sorry, not possible. This sucks! I know other hotel booking services allow you to change times or even cancel up to a certain period before the effective date, but no such thing with AMOMA. I will never use them again and I vowe to tell everybody to about this bad experience with AMOMA.