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Forums » General & Multi-Province » Hiring a separate packing service


Hiring a separate packing service

by /bio/robertwashington ยป

Is it common to hire professional packers to come in and finish packing a week ahead of time? (we will have done the bulk of the stuff, but want professional packers to do the TVs, Christmas tree, decorative stuff, i.e. hard to pack because of shape, size etc.,)

What I am thinking is having someone come in approximately a week before our move and professionally pack and finish the odd stuff. Then hire a long distance shipping company to come a day or two later to load the U-Pack, Pods, etc. whatever we decide to use for our long distance move.
We can then take off across the country to our new home and they will drop off the pods, trailer and we will hire people to unload at that end for unloading and setting up beds, placing dressers, couch and other furniture as needed. This will be minimal since we really aren't taking that much furniture that will need to be placed.

As we have never done this before just want confirmation that this is a reasonable plan. We have a temporary place to stay at both ends so having an empty house before or after the move won't be a problem, if that becomes an issue.