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Forums » General & Multi-State » Glacier vs Yellowstone: 4 days in mid October


Glacier vs Yellowstone: 4 days in mid October

by /bio/noale-berger »

Hello everyone!

Me and my partner are going on a trip to the US this coming October.

We will have about 4 days to visit national parks between Idaho (where we'll be starting) and New-York (where we'll be ending our trip). We unfortunatley don't have any flexibilty with our dates: October 12-16.

At first we were thinking of doing Yellowstone and Glacier but it seems like 2 days in each (+1 day in between) is not enough! 

Now, we know that the weather at this time is very bordelrine and that many things are closed,  but we would really love to see at least one of those parks and benefit from the sparsity of visitors. 

The question is: which park should we choose?

We love mountains, hiking and lakes (Glacier it seems) but also wildlife spotting and diversity of landscape (Yellowstone). 

Would love to hear your opinion! 



RE: Glacier vs Yellowstone: 4 days in mid October

by /bio/pauline-frommer »

I'd say Yellowstone has more to offer, but a lot will do with the weather. Is there any way you can be flexible (ie will you be flying or driving)?