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United air

by /bio/legacy »

Please be aware @United alliance with Jetairways is very customer unfriendly and it appears that United is not concerned about the inconvenience of the customer(s).    I had bad experience and inconvenience on an international journey to India from US: the customer is allowed free checked baggage 23kg/50lbs while leaving US & 15kg/33lbswhile coming back to US. The passenger is not clearly notified or made aware of this by United at the time of booking so that either passenger takes less as checked baggage or chooses another airline. In contrast, the baggage allowance conveyed to the customer at the bottom of booking e receipt was at best confusing or deceiving, intentional or non-intentional(showing 50 lbs/23kg allowance on return inbound journey to US). We never had this kind of problem with United earlier or ever with any other airline & we travel international sectors quite often. What an arrangement of United with Jetairways, that outbound flights from US  allowed free checked baggage is 50 lbs (23 kg) as per "United policy" and inbound to US free checked baggage is 15 kg/33lbs as per "Jetairway policy" this means one has to leave some of their personal belongings abroad! 

Received most surreal & canned response from United customer care rep, through "customer care" on United air web site. United rep claims this happended as I had a "broken" or "non continuous journey/booking". I had made one booking and got one confirmation number from United if this booking was made non-continuous by United air, it was without my knowledge, otherwise, I would not have bought the ticket. I pasted my e ticket booking confirmation from United air in email to United air rep. no response.

Travelers to India from and US (and ? vice versa) please be aware of this discrepant baggage policy if you are using United air. I hope United will look into this matter and correct this anomaly otherwise it will happen to many more customers as a surprise when they go to check in counter in India at the initiation of the journey, At the time of check in if this happens, there is no choice except to take out some of your belongings and throw away or pay extra for check-in baggage. Also note that once you open your baggage at an Indian airport, one has to go through check-in baggage security again.

United Airlines’ motto invites its customers to “fly the friendly skies”, is simply not true.