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Forums » General » I need a good travel pillow


I need a good travel pillow

by /bio/travelgirlalong »

So many travel pillow out there, can you guys please suggest one?

How about this?


Ankaka A1 ? 


RE: I need a good travel pillow

by /bio/albert12001 »


Did you use this pillow for travel?

What are your impressions?


RE: I need a good travel pillow

by /bio/ethannoah »

The Bcozzy, a variation on the hemi-donut theme, is our pick for anyone who wears large over-the-ear headphones on a flight or tends to nod forward while they sleep. The pillow’s overlapping ends form a snug cushion that holds your chin in place far better than do the Trtl’s plastic frame or the Travelrest and Cabeau’s chin-facing gap. While the pillow does not provide great support to either side of your neck, if paired with a large pair of headphones, the Bcozzy holds a head in place perfectly. While not as compressible as our other picks, the pillow has a small loop that can be clipped to the outside of most bags so it doesn’t have to take up space inside your bag.

kodi and facetime for pc


RE: I need a good travel pillow

by /bio/aradralami »

This cushion is the maximum, it solved me eternal problems of back pain, and basically it is the treatment and end to my pains. Excellent product