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Internet trip planner

by PHeymont »

If you're serious in your question, I think the answer is obvious: Buy paper road maps. It's the only solution you'll find that doesn't depend on a connection.

If your connection is too slow for Google maps and for this "routeplanner" it will also be too slow for or any of the other online maps.


RE: Internet trip planner

by hummer821 »

Hello everyone

I'm in trip across europe and i've broken my gps in car. I need any advice how to plan a road with slow mobile internet connection. I checked google maps but it's loading too slowly. I've tried to search by myself and i've found something like this

P.S. I'm totally weak with technics

I'll be grateful for any advice.


RE: Internet trip planner

by Aliceay »

Next time download maps on your mobile phone before a trip. Or you can use an internet while travelling. There are a lot of options: local sim cards, vodaphone, at&t, mxtconnect.


RE: Internet trip planner

by taylorkl »

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