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Forums » Germany » Bavaria/Munich Itinerary with Elderly Parents


Bavaria/Munich Itinerary with Elderly Parents

by paulbernthal »

Next spring or fall (shoulder season), my parents (83 and 77) and my sister want me to take them to Germany.  (I've been there about three times).  My parents are quite fit and have no trouble walking around but can tire if there is too much packed into a day.  None of my family is particularly fond of big cities and when we went to France, they enjoyed the small towns much more than Paris.  We would probably start near Heidelberg and then move to other cites en route to Munich. Here's a few guidlines for what I'm considering:

  • About 8-10 days total
  • Rent a car for the entire stay, but use trains when appropriate.  I'd be open to skipping the car but I'm concerned about the stresses of trains and moving bags.
  • I'd prefer to use a small town as a home base and then drive (or train) to destinations.  I'm ok with staying overnight in up to three locations total.
  • Visit to Munich and possible one other larger city.
  • Lots of charming small towns preferred, my father is a Lutheran minister and would no doubt like to see sites from the Reformation (e.g., Worms)
  • Include a boat ride with castles

My questions:

  • What three towns would you pick as overnight home bases along the way from Heidelberg to Munich? (e.g., near Hiedelberg, en route to Munich, near Munich).
  • What are must see towns and experiences along the way?
  • Anything you'd add in that would be a unique/interesting experience?

RE: Bavaria/Munich Itinerary with Elderly Parents

by yostwl »

there are a lot of towns to choose from, and it depends a lot on what route you want to take, but 3 places we liked very much that you might read up on, in the order that we liked them best:


Bad Wimpfen





RE: Bavaria/Munich Itinerary with Elderly Parents

by kringenwally »

Heidelberg is steep - take the bus or a taxi up from the station.

For nice small towns, in addition to the three that Bill Yost mentioned, pick pretty much any of these on what is called the "Romantic Road".

Würzburg is probably too large a city for your tastes, but the palace is worth a visit!

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is fine for a visit or an overnight, but not for longer stays I don't think - it's a bit like a Disneyland during the day and a long way from everything else - on a minor spur of the train lines.

Before you then settle on one or the other of these, after reading up on them, take a look on the train website to see if there are good train connections. Not all small towns have a train station, and of those that do, many are on secondary (slower) lines - which is no problem when you're on vacation, but it helps to have a train right there for daytrips etc.

CLICK on the map to enlarge it.

lauren rebecca

RE: Bavaria/Munich Itinerary with Elderly Parents

by lauren rebecca »

hey nice plan. hope you will have a great time with your family.