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Berlin suggestions

by 3ackpacker »

Spending nights in Berlin would be uncool without some alcoholic drinks. Give these bars a try!

Beckett’s Kopf

First is an elegant cocktail bar with the name of Beckett’s Kopf. To gain access to this fancy bar, you’ll need to ring the doorbell. Inside, there are two rooms with low tables and comfortable chesterfield sofas. Here, you don’t have to deal with smokers at all because there is a separate room for them. There are various types of cocktails you can choose, from alcohol-frees to cocktails that can knock you out. If you can’t made up your mind about what to drink then ask the bartender to make a unique drink with your choice of ingredients.

Newton Bar

Continuing with the list, we have a unique bar with strange, yet artistic. Apparently, the owner had a thing for nudity art. The wall is covered with photographs of nudes. They have tables made of oaks and a colorful bar that serves a variety of drinks. This place is one of the best choices for fashionistas. Upstairs, there is a cigar lounge for those who want a bit of private for their conversation.

Shochu bar

Next, we have another unique bar for those in love with Japanese culture, the Shochu bar. Obviously, Shochu serves special cocktails made from the Japanese liquor of the same name. The wine is made from rice and is usually served with saffron, bergamot, etc. Sometimes, it is can be drank with cognac-based drinks and gin martinis. This place brings you the traditional felling mixed with the modern touch. In the weekends, there are Djs playing music to kick things up a notch.


Würgeengel means “Exterminating Angel”. This place is said to be one of the most relaxing bars in town. The leather booth, candles and wooden tables gives it an old-school feeling. Würgeengel also have a menu consisting of nice cocktails and a cool selection of whiskies and wines. Quite conveniently, the Gorgonzola Club is next door for you to have some delicious Italian food. May you have the best evening here.

Bebel Bar and Lounge

The Bebel Bar and Lounge is the last stop in our list. This bar belongs to one of the best hotels in Berlin, the Rocco Forte’s Hotel de Rome. This bar promises to give you an upscale and modern feeling with elegance decoration around you. The number of cocktails is over 60, makes up of many high-class ingredients. You can even find drinks featuring cognac from Grande Champagne.


Stella Marshal

RE: Berlin suggestions

by Stella Marshal »

Thanks for the list! Should drop in next time I'm in Berlin :)


RE: Berlin suggestions

by bastoria »

Thanks for sharing