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East Berlin advice

by travistravelgear »

I was in Berlin last February for 3 days and it was absolutely amazing. The city is an ideal stop for travelers looking for wide variety of things to do. It is also a nice destination for students who are looking for a budget location. We had wide variety of food and beverages for really cheap prices. For sure you can find really expensive restaurants, but if you are looking for more pocket friendly restaurants you don't need to give up from quality and have really delicious food for low prices.   Apart from food, the historical places were also impressed me. Wide variety of museums, with beautiful buildings, the city is a really historic place.   As I spent only 3 days in Berlin I haven't been in every part of it. Therefore my suggestions will only include the things that I have done. So, if I missed any important parts don't hesitate to comment at the end.   TOP 10 Things to do: The list is in random order.   1. Museum Island:   - If you are museum fun, this is the first stop for you. The site has 5 world-class museums, plus the Berlin Cathedral. There are options for tickets to buy only for one museum or multiple museums with discounted prices.   2. Brandenburg Gate: (Brandenburger Tor)  - A trip to Berlin won't be completed without visiting Brandenburg Gate. The iconic landmark was once stood between the east and west Berlin. After the fall of the wall in 1989 this gate become a symbol of new Germany.   3. TV Tower: (Fernsehturm)  - Built in the late 60s, it was used to be in the East Berlin. It is the tallest building in Berlin with 368 meters. The view on top is stunning (if you are lucky the visibility is up to 42km) and I will definitely suggest you to go here. Get your ticket online if you don't want to wait in line   4. Checkpoint Charlie:  - It was one of the best known crossing point between east and west Berlin during the Cold War. Today it is one of the popular tourist attractions. If I don't remember wrong they can even stamp your password with original stamps if you wish.   5. Parliament Building: (Reichstag Building)  - It was built in the 19th century to house the German parliament. It has got an amazing glass dome where you can see the politicians at work. The view on top is suppose to be amazing also. We couldn't get in as there was a huge line and they told us to reserve out tickets online.   6. Berlin Wall: (East Side Gallery)  - Displaying more than 100 paintings by international artists, it is another must see in Berlin. The wall was used to divide East and West Berlin. And it is longer that you can expect so be ready for a good walk.   7. Eat Currywurst:  - The most famous fast-food of Germany. Another MUST for the travellers. It is basically a spicy sausage cut in to slices and served with ketchup and curry powder. I personally love it. It is so popular in Germany that, in Berlin it has even got its museum. So you can check the museum also.   8. Visit Charlottenburg Palace: (Schloss Charlottenburg)  - This place is not in the centre of the berlin but it is easily accessible by bus. The place was built in the 17th century and greatly expanded in 18th century. It is the biggest palace in Berlin. The palace is absolutely stunning and quite big. So make sure you have enough time to visit it. We spent around 1 hour and only able to saw half of it, as we were a bit late and the place was closed. They also gave us free audio guides and it was really useful. If they don't give them free now, I suggest you to pay for them as it is totally worth it.   9. Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church:  - The church was built in 1890s and badly damaged in the WWII. With its still damaged spire, the place is a memorial hall now. What really impressed me is the new church that has been built around it with blue glasses. Another place that I suggest you to not miss.   10. Potsdamer Platz:  - The place is built entirely from scratch in 1990s and consists of a large shopping centre with loads of movie theatres. If you come here at night you can see the dome of the Sony Centre changes colour. It is close to Brandenburg Gate and Parliament building.

RE: East Berlin advice

by /bio/warlord »

I stayed in East Berlin last summer, like you, I wanted the East just because of the historical reason.  Plus I wanted something with a good access to pubs and stuff for the night and some friends refered me to Friedrichshain area.  I also wanted to be close to the metro station for quick access around the city.

  What I found was the U5 metro wasn't the greatest as I pretty much always had to connect into central Berlin to go to other parts, or take the long Ring S-Bahn around the city.  Also I didn't find too much of intererst in that area of town either.  There was some night clubs, but no real good pubs or anything that I found.  The hotel I had there was pretty bad, not because of the room, just because of how the hotel was run and that of course isn't anything to do with the area of town, but Hotel Pension Bolgerini Inn I wouldn't recommend at all.

  If I go back, I'd probably chose another area in the former East Berlin to stay at and avoid at least that area of Friedrichshain near the S-Bahn as there just really isn't much there to do that I found, and connections to the rest of the city wasn't the greatest by metro either using the U-5.

  If you can find areas closer to the center that are still in East Berlin, I'd definately opt for that or at least something closer to the U-1 or U-5 metro lines...