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Frankfurt Layover

by travistravelgear »

Frankfurt is the fifth largest city in Germany and the largest in the state of Hesse with over half a million inhabitants. This city is located on the Main River and has a strong legacy. This city is often referred to as the financial and transportation hub of the German country and holds the main offices of the European Central Bank, The Frankfurt Stock Exchange, The German Federal Bank, and the Frankfurt Trade Fair.   Frankfurt has a rich history that has provided many unique buildings and museums that should be visited when visiting the city.   German Film Museum is the greatest film museum in all of Germany. It has a collection of films that are shown over and over on the second floor. The museum has Edison's Kinetoscope and a copy of the Cinematograph from 1895. You can learn a great deal about the history of film from this museum.   Goethe-Haus is the home of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and has become a shrine to honour this individual. Many styles and trends are represented in this home from neoclassical, rococo, and baroque. This library is a unique building with an astronomical clock that was constructed in 1749.   Stadel Museum contains one of the most impressive collections of fine art. You can begin with the French Impressionist on the first floor and move to the second floor that has Flemish primitives. So many works of art are kept in this fine collection that it should not be missed.   Liebighaus was constructed in 1896 and includes many unique objects from classical Greece, Ancient Rome, and Medieval and Renaissance Europe. Some of the objects include a bronze horse, the Virgin and the Child painting, and the Black Venus with Mirror.   Museum of Modern Art is housed in a special building designed by Hans Hollein from Vienna. This unique museum looks like a boat but is very spacious and provides a spectacular location to view the art.   Events in Frankfurt   Reading, writing, running, and art are all part of the many activities that people in Frankfurt can enjoy.   The Frankfurt Marathon allows more than ten thousand competitors to enjoy running the twenty-six mile course through the streets of Frankfurt. More than half a million people will watch the runners who will enjoy the event. Join the runners every October.   Frankfurt Book Fair happens every year in October and provides an opportunity for more than three hundred thousand people to enjoy the literature of this fair. A great deal of exhibitions covering a wide range of books is available to meet everyone's needs or desires.   Auftakt is an annual event that brings together film and music lovers from around the world each September. It is held at the Frankfurt Alte Opera House.

RE: Frankfurt Layover

by /bio/warlord »

  Got a 5 hour layover in Frankfurt and want to get into town for a little bit.  I have only been in the city once and that was during an over night layover a few years ago.  Just curious about how much time I should be able to spend if I just go from the airport to Frankfurt HBF and then walk to the center and around there?  I should have around 2.5 hours (which would also include travel times) to be safe after I get off the plane and through immigration and then back through security, etc.  So just want to make sure I have fun in those hours wandering around...