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Forums » Germany » Munich in mid December - 6 nights


Munich in mid December - 6 nights

by /bio/ck2716 »

Hi All,

I will be travelling to Munich in mid December for vacation with my husband and my two year old.  We will be there for 6 days and 6 nights. Overall we are pretty relaxed travellers and are just looking to enjoy a break from the business of every day life, while enjoying great food (love trying different places, markets, etc), the christmas spirit, and taking in a little history along the way. We are debating if we should stay in Munich the 6 nights or spend 2 nights in a smaller town. When we travel, we typically enjoy getting out of the main cities and going to some smaller towns to get a different perspective.

Would love to get advice if people think its worth bothering doing a few days in munich and a few days in a smaller town or if we should just keep Munich as our base and do 1 to 2 day trips. Below are some towns that i thought sounded nice and would consider picking from, but would love to know if I there is something else i should consider. 

- Nuremberg: because of the christmas markets and some of the museums

- Mittenwald


- ROTHENBURG OB DER TAUBER: would likely only visit if we were staying outside of a munich for a night or two. Otherwise, not sure its worth the hike on a day trip.


RE: Munich in mid December - 6 nights

by /bio/terrylipford »

I would suggest that you could add Neuschwanstein Castel (I assume you are renting a car?) and be sure to take the Romantischer Road to get there. Nice drive through some very pretty little villages.  Try to get tickets for the castle online, as it can be very busy and they only allow so many in each group to enter.

Perhaps Salzburg?  Not a very far drive and mostly autobahn to get there.  Could easily be a day trip for you.


RE: Munich in mid December - 6 nights

by /bio/amgreyvrey »

One of my favorite city with one of the greatest football clubs in the world