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Forums » Germany » reasonable hotel in Munich


reasonable hotel in Munich

by /bio/lojoblais »

I see that Munich is expensive.


Any suggestions as to a nice, clean well located hotel a a reasonable price?  Hopefully $100-150.  Also willing to entertain something on the outskirts.  But since I'm not familiar at all w/ the area - is the commute into the ity difficult?  Or a long haul?  We'd rather not waste alot of time commuting.  


Altho we do plan to go to Dachau & Ludwig & the "sleeping beauty" castle, so perhaps something closer to there -- but I have no concept of really how far that is & what kind of commute it would be.


Please advise.  Thanks!


RE: reasonable hotel in Munich

by /bio/heavyb »

I think you should consult a reliable Munich guide book.  It does not have to be the latest edition in order to get a grasp on distances and times involved with traveling between points so check with your local public library.  

If you were commuting, how would you commute (car hire, public transportation, group tour)?  For most visitors, a car rental in Munich is unnecessary and would be an expensive nuisance at best.  

If traveling by train/public transportation consult Deutsche Bahn as their web site is also helpful with regard to general local travel. Otherwise, check the Munich public transportation site for details  but be aware that it is a big, complex system.

Would a hostel with private rooms be acceptable to you?  Along with shared domitory style rooms, Wombat's offers clean, reasonably comfortable private rooms (many with a balcony and or outdoor sitting area) in a very central locale for much less than most hotels and a nice breakfast is included.  []

Also, how many are in your party and how long will you be staying?

[Sorry as the system for generating a link on this once fantastic web site seem to be screwed up.]


RE: reasonable hotel in Munich

by /bio/pdhenry »

We were just in Munich a couple of days ago (we've just moved on to Zurich). While in Munich we stayed at the Ibis Hotel Munich Sud (umlauts over both the u's there). Our rate was around €80 per night, plus €10 per person for an optional breakfast buffet. It's just down the street from an U-Bahn station and 5 stops to the Hauptbahnhof. The rooms at an Ibis Hotel are compact but clean and modern - I think good value for the money. Re: your other questions - Dachau is in the suburbs of Munich so it's easy to visit Dachau on your own or with a tour. Neuschwanstein (Ludwig's Castle) is doable as a tour from Munich. The tour companies appear to have the same prices for both these locations, but note that the normal price for the Neuschwanstein tour does not include admission to the castle itself. That's an option for about €19 extra. We were driving along the German Alpine Road (Deutches Alpenstrasse) so we visited the castle on our own and Dachau with a tour.