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Forums » Germany » Viking River Cruise problem


Viking River Cruise problem

by /bio/campingcaryn »

During our cruise on Viking this June we had a problem.  They brought on a glass blowing vendor who did a wonderful glass blowing demonstration.  We enjoyed his show and bought a few products.  They were supposed to be delivered 3 weeks later.  No products and it's been 9 weeks now.  We have emailed him multiple times and have not gotten a response.  His name is Karl Ittig with Wertheimer Glashaus.  Next we got in touch with Viking.  They are the ones bringing him on their ships.  They emailed him multiple time from the states and haven't received a response.  So my husband asked them to contact him in person since he still being allowed on their ships and they haven't done this.  Why not?  If they are bringing a vendor on their ships and he isn't responding to customers that have purchased products something is greatly wrong.  We won't cruise on Viking again. 


RE: Viking River Cruise problem

by /bio/billiv »

Why not?  Because they already have your money and there is no profit in it for them to contact the vendor. Their boats will still be full in spite of your revealing posting here.

I wouldn't do a river cruise anyway (well, maybe when I'm too old and "unmobile" to do anything else), but these are for profit companies, and they aren't going to do something that they don't think will help their bottom line.

Or, it is just possible, that they are just really, really slow or that they lost your request.  So you might try emailing them one more time--do you have an email address or phone number for their executives as opposed to the regular complaint email address or 800 number?  Sometimes that can help.

By the way, just because I wouldn't do a river cruise until "I'm too old and 'unmobile' to do anything else" does not mean that I think river cruises are horrible things for everyone.  They are great for relaxing and just destressing if that is what you need on your vacations.  Fortunately, I'm in a low stress career so I can seek slightly more interactive, energetic travel experiences with my vacation time. But not everyone is as lucky as I am.