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Forums » Greece » Advice needed on family friendly itinerary


Advice needed on family friendly itinerary

by /bio/michelley »



We are going to a wedding in Bulgaria in early September so we thought we might visit Greece before the wedding. Could you please critique our itinerary? We are a family of four with 4 & 6 year old boys. This will be their first international trip. We are going for roughly 12 days. I feel like maybe I'm missing out on not going to other islands like Santorini? 


Fly from USA to Athens, stay in Athens for 3 nights to help the boys recover from the jet lag and explore Acropolis


Fly from Athens to Crete, stay for 5 nights, explore one side of the island (haven't picked which one but I think the boys would love to see the pirate cove!)


Fly from Crete to Thessaloniki, stay 1 night, do some light exploring. 


Take the train from Thessaloniki to Sofia, Bulgaria. Stay in Sofia for 3 nights, wedding festivities and explore the area. Then fly back to USA. 


Blast away! :)


RE: Advice needed on family friendly itinerary

by /bio/anniesweetiepie »

Hello Michelley!

Such a great idea to combine Bulgaria with Greece :)

I wouldn't say you are missing out if you don't visit Santorini. Every place in Greece, especially the islands - if you want to get the best impression and good vibes out of it - needs at least 4 days. You could visit Santorini for a day trip but that will surely not be enough.

There is the option of Greek Island Hopping, you could try getting from one island to the next, especially in the Cyclades complex but then again you should spend at least 1-2 days on each place because if you don't you might get too tired. I'd suggest that if you'd spend less days in Crete. Let's say 1-2 days in Paros, 1-2 in Naxos, 1-2 in Santorini, the rest in Crete and then fly to Thessaloniki.

I saw you're going to have the kids with you so, I believe that Crete is an excellent destination. Crete is a big island, I'd suggest you make those 5 days... >>> 7 (if you don't decide to go island hopping), then you'll be able to see more on Chania and Rethymno. Both are beautiful regions, with plenty of traditional villages around the mountains. Have in mind that some of the best beaches are in Crete...

Santorini is not famous for its beaches, but it does boast amazing views, great sunset and good cuisine, a wine tour is a must. Naxos and Paros have amazing beaches, Naxos is consider a family-friendly island!

You could try a wine tour either in Crete or Athens, also could find food tours as well. It is a great way to learn more about the place and its traditions. After all cooking is something that Greeks love to do! 3 days in Athens are ok too.

Whatever you choose, Greece make your vacation memorable <3 No worries, you'll always have a reason to return, even Greeks don't get to see every magnificent place on there homeland. Too many options, too little time...


RE: Advice needed on family friendly itinerary

by /bio/antzela »

For exploring Crete renting a car will help you because is a huge Island and moving around with bus or taxi is not a great idea.


RE: Advice needed on family friendly itinerary

by /bio/franky6 »

We are visiting Greece in April and have decided to use a company called Hellenic Taxi for day trips to the areas you mentioned. Have a look at their website They receive good reviews and their prices are reasonable when you factor in your limited time and transport costs. Good luck! Have a wonderful time!


RE: Advice needed on family friendly itinerary

by /bio/dalefowler »

From my point of view moving around with bus or taxi is not a great idea as there are long islands