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Forums » Greece » Athens-Meteora-Santorini...maybe Hydra


Athens-Meteora-Santorini...maybe Hydra

by /bio/kconstantine819 »

Hello everyone,


I am trying to figure out my itinerary for my 10 year anniversary trip coming up next month. I have a loosely based itinerary which I'd like to try and finalize within the next few weeks especially if I need to book any tours/make dinner reservations. We will be staying 4 nights in Athens and 3 nights in Santorini. We have a late flight out of Athens (leaving at 6pm) so we essentially have half a day in Athens before heading to Santorini.


I was looking for some assistance and thank you in advance.


So we are arriving in Athens on a Tuesday, early afternoon. We'll probably arrive to the hotel at noon. 


1) Should we immediately drop our bags and head to the Acropolis or save that for the following day, early in the morning?

2) If we save the Acropolis for the following day, what do you recommend doing the first day in Athens?


My top Athens to-dos would be seeing the Acropolis, seeing the Acropolis Museum, National Archaeological Museum. I would like to have a nice dinner for our anniversary perhaps something with a view of the Acropolis. 


3) Is it too early to book a dinner reservation / Should I book tour reservations now or can I wait til I get there?


We are staying very close, if not in the Plaka district so we'll have a lot of time to sight see in this area. We were also thinking about renting a car and staying in Kalambaka for a night to visit the monasteries in Meteora. I realize that it is a 4-5 hour drive (which is ok with us). 


4) Is Meteora worth it?

5) If we decide to go to Meteora, should I book a tour now to visit the monastaries with a guide now or can I wait until we get there? We will be in Greece the end of May.

6) Should we just do a day trip to Hydra or another island?


7) What are other must sees in Athens and must sees in Santorini?


We like to do the touristy stuff but also like to explore and find hidden gems wherever we travel. For instance, we are also planning on visiting where Socrates was imprisoned in Athens. Not your typical touristy spot but very interesting, nonetheless. Just an FYI, my husband and I are in our late 30s and in good shape so we don't mind walking. I like to think of vacation as cramming everything in the little time that I have since I don't know when I will be back. We like to see as much as possible. 


Thank you again in advance!