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Forums » Greece » Peloponnese suggestions - Nafplio and ...?


Peloponnese suggestions - Nafplio and ...?

by /bio/marymmiller »

We have 5 days to tour this part of Greece on our own with a rental car. I was originally thinking we’d stay in Nafplio all 5 nights, but after researching a bit, it seems that it might be better to have more than one “base” given the distances involved. Our interests are:

- Culture, food, wine

- Nature (beaches and other naturally beautiful places)

- Historical sites (we want to see some, but don’t want to focus totally on history at the expense of relaxing and enjoying the scenery, food, people and wine)

Based on our interests, how would you recommend we spend our Peloponnese time? This is part of a six week trip that will include Athens, the Cyclades, Rhodes and the Dodecanese, and Skopelos.


RE: Peloponnese suggestions - Nafplio and ...?

by /bio/lakisjim »