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Forums » Guatemala » Antigua, Atitlan, Chichi and then what?


Antigua, Atitlan, Chichi and then what?

by CuriousGeorge »

We're looking ahead to next spring and thinking of going to Antigua to see the Easter processions these, then going on to Lake Atitlan and Chichicastanengo. The next logical stop seems Tikal, but it also seems like quite a haul to get there. Is there another fourth stop you all would recommend, or should we make the long journey to Tikal. And if the advice is to do that, how should we get there? What's the best method? I'm not sure if I'm comfortable driving myself in Guatemala.

Eliot Greenspan

RE: Antigua, Atitlan, Chichi and then what?

by Eliot Greenspan »

I'd definitely recommend Tikal. And I'd definitely recommend flying there. There are several daily flights, and they are somewhat reasonable, and often sold built into packages with a hotel either at the site, or nearby (Flores/Santa Elena or El Remanso). While there, also visit Yaxha.