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Forums » Hawaii » 1st time back to Oahu in 46 years, rest & relax vacation


1st time back to Oahu in 46 years, rest & relax vacation

by terisd »

I lived in Honolulu and Kailua 46 years ago. The 1st six months was in the Ilikai. I was four years old and remember some things so vividly. My husband of nearly 24 years has promised to take me back to Hawaii. This is a huge deal, since all of his vacation time for the past 24 years has been dedicated to hunting, except for our yearly Christmas vacation trips to Mesa, AZ to see my parents. 

We thought Waikiki would be a great place to be, but its been so long we are having trouble coming to a decision. Our goal on this trip is to just hang out, lay out, relax, do nothing and people watch, oh and celebrate our anniversary. I have trouble walking long distances and standing too long. So we thought the closer to the beach the better. Our first thought is to stay at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Rainbow Tower with a view of ocean, resort, and of course Diamond Head. Its spendy, is it really worth the extra money?

We need some input on other places to stay. We have heard some of the hotel rooms are teeny tiny. My hubby thinks we should get a car, but I really dont think we need one since everything is right there, we dont plan on really sightseeing, maybe go to the zoo, but we can grab a taxi for that, plus dont most of the hotels charge extra for parking?

Is Maui the better place to stay? What about Kauai, or the big island? I have never been to Maui, hubby has. We plan on traveling Aug 22 to Aug 29. Are there any places that are truly all inclusive? We have a budget of $5000. that includes spending money, flight is about $1000. for two.

Sorry this really sounds like a rambling message. Thank you in advance for any help or tips.



RE: 1st time back to Oahu in 46 years, rest & relax vacation

by drfumblefinger »

If you just want to relax on the beach for a week, and don't mind lots of people being on the beach with you, then Honolulu is the place to go.  It is a very different Honolulu than you remember, probably more like Los Angeles than the Honolulu of your childhood.  But the ocean still has its charm.

Maui has beautiful beaches.  If you take a taxi or rent a car, you can easily reach the resorts on the West or South side of the island, the West Side having better sandy beaches and several of the beaches further north actually not being that crowded.

I love the Big Island because of it's volcanoes and great landscapes.  This would be the one I'd go back to but its beaches are not as developed as those of Maui or Oahu. 

With 7 days, I would seriously consider 2 islands.  Say 3 days on Oahu, then a flight to another island of your choice.  I think you would enjoy the change.  Your budget is more than adequate for nice hotels and good restaurants, as well as interisland flights.

Enjoy the trip!