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Getting around the islands

by /bio/karen »

We are planning on going to Hawaii in October, 2013. We don't want to rent a car to go around the islands so we can either do an escorted tour or book tours from the hotels.  What escorted tours do you recommend?  and what do you think is best...escorted tour or go on our own and book tours through the hotels?  Thank you for your consideration


RE: Getting around the islands

by drfumblefinger »

There are lots of guided trips, none of which I've taken because I like to move at my own pace and stop where I want to.  I'd seriously reconsider renting a car, unless for some reason you can't drive or absolutely don't want to.

The roads in Hawaii are good and simple to navigate, Honolulu perhaps being the exception.  The Big Island especially is a pleasure to explore by car, as you stop and see what you want for as long as you want. It will take a little research, but the rewards of doing this can be great.

If I'd have taken a tour, I'd have missed the opportunity to see the sunset at the Place of Refuge....

And I certainly would have missed this memorable sunset over Mauna Kea and Hilo Bay