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Forums » Hawaii » Kauai North Shore in November


Kauai North Shore in November

by /bio/rodjorgens »

My family and I will be visiting Kauai in late November. We have a 10 year old and we are not
experienced hikers. We are looking for hiking suggestions that will allow to experience as much of the natural beauty as possible as novice hikers. I read that the North shore has the most lush greenery and I also hear that the weather may not be optimal for hiking in later November. Does anybody have any suggestions for easy hikes, on the North Shore, during this time of year. We would like to spend at least one day on the North shore. What would be a good itinerary that will allow us to get a taste of the North Shore in one or two days? Also we would like to takes some easy but spectacular hikes all around the Island. Any suggestions would be welcome. I am interested in hearing other travelers itineraries and how they made the most of their days in paradise.