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Forums » Honeymoons » Honeymoon two week europe Itenerary


Honeymoon two week europe Itenerary

by /bio/camado »

Hi Frommers and friends,

Id like to request for your help in making my wife and I Honeymoon trip inforgetable. Weve not yet applied for a Visa but weve already bought our primary tickets.

Ill be honest, im confused and dont know where to start but our flight bookings.

Well be arriving at Rome by Oct 13 and leaving via paris on Oct 28. Well have exactly 16 days in Europe, but just 15 days for tours and travel as the lasst day is an early trip back to our country.


Id like to get your advise in how many days to stay in a country, what would the next country and would it be worth it with the sites to see. Im thinking that in between rome and paris I can squeeze in atleast 2 to 3 other visit. Heres my plan.

Rome - 3 to 4 days
Vienna - 3 to 4 days
Prague - 3 to 4 days
Munich - 3 to 4 days
Paris - 4 to 5days

Im thinking to get cheap flights from ryanair or easy jet for my inbetween trips to save on money and time. Could you suggest a different country for my itenerary.

What would be best sites to visit? which country should I stay more, what mode of transportation any info would be appreciated.

Thank you, looking for all your good and bad comments. :)

more power to frommers.




RE: Honeymoon two week europe Itenerary

by /bio/billiv »

You already have more days accounted for in your minimum stays (16) than you have available (15).  Unless you have plans for daytrips from Munich and Vienna, I would cut them by 1 day each.  You have to allow for travel time which includes time for the  processes of checking into and out of hotels and traveling to and from airports or train stations. 

I would eliminate one city entirely.  My preference for elimination would be either Vienna, Prague, or Munich depending on your interests.

My suggestion:  Rome 4; Paris 4.  Then 7 days for two of the three other cities.  But it does depend on your interests.