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Forums » Honeymoons » How to get the most out of the Halong Bay


How to get the most out of the Halong Bay

by tnktravel »

There has been halong bay cruise news as concerns the activities you can carry out at this bay. Here under are just a few mentioned activities that you can engage yourself in when you pay this wonderful bay a visit.

Water sports


If you think that the Halong Bay is attractive only from the top, you will be overwhelmed with the halong bay cruise news that has confirmed the beauty that lies at the ground level. The bay is great for swimming and every other water sport that you can ever think of. The bay has several spots set aside for those who love fishing. If you are really into fishing, you can simply row to these spots and catch your favorite fish. You will find it quite interesting to engage yourself in the joy of swimming in the water as opposed to simply watching the surrounding and the other people swimming around. So, take this advice, don’t just be a passive observer. Take part in the activities taking place around. You will have an experience that you will never forget for the rest of your life. By beach combing this attractive bay, fishing, going swimming, and participating in other water sports around, you will come to learn that the bay is not just the nice picture you see on postcards but is actually what it wonderfully said to be.

Cave explorations


Limestone is the major feature of the Halong Bay. Halong bay cruise news will let you know that as a result of the limestone, the bay has been blesses with several attractive caves. In as much as some of the caves may appear to be your ordinary land-level ones, a good number of them are more exotic. Well! Of course you may want to know how exotic? There are caves you will find under the water level and marvel at them. They are so unique. This is what has kept a very huge number of tourists coming back every now and then. Paying the Halong Bay a visit only once is never enough. You will just feel like coming back again.


This may sound strange. But believe the halong bay cruise newswhen you are told that you can do hiking at the bay. The Halong bay has been blessed with several hill sides that offer you exactly that spot for the best hiking experience. If you are a lover of the same, just come over and enjoy it. One advantage of hiking is that you get the chance to view the side as well as the bay below. Hiking here takes you to a totally different level. It is not like other hiking experiences where everything around you is just hills and rocks. Here, you will enjoy the view of the bay and other activities taking place below. Several parts of the island are also swallowed up in a misty fog that looks very impressive. The misty fog comes at certain time and if you can at just the right time, you will really enjoy the view.

Fishing village explorations

If you want to get the most out of the halong bay cruise news you have heard, take your time and visit the fishing villages that the bay is blessed with. These villages give an idea about how the Vietnamese community felt in the olden days. These were time when people simply carried out fishing as a source of livelihood. This still takes place to a large extent. You can also take part in the fishing activities in these villages.