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Forums » Iceland » 4 Days in Iceland - September 2017


4 Days in Iceland - September 2017

by LunaAnn »

Hello! First I want to apologize if this question has been answered elsewhere... I am a bit overwhelmed from the research I have been doing!!

My husband and I are looking to visit Iceland from September 27th through October 1st of this year. It is our first actual vacation without our baby so we are extremely excited and want to see as much as possible. We LOVE the outdoors and hiking. When we travel we would rather immerse ourselves in a location and are not really interested in any sort of group tours (unless this would be the best way to maybe catch the Northern Lights). We will arrive at 6:15 AM on Wednesday September 27th and will be departing the morning of Sunday October 1st. We will also be renting a car. 

The only thing I have really been considering is going to the Blue Lagoon in the morning when we arrive. I have read mixed reviews about how touristy it is but I figured we will be tired and it would be a fun way to relax before we check into a hotel. Other areas of interest include the Golden Circle drive and seeing as much as the South Shore as possible. 

So I'm wondering if we would be better served staying four nights in Reykjavik and doing day trips from there? Or should we do two nights in elsewhere and our first and last night in Reykjavik? Will we be limited by the weather this time of year? 

We definitely aren't leisurely vacationers. We love to have our days packed full and start early in the morning. We are just very unfamiliar with the country, don't know anyone who has traveled there, and I am having trouble piecing together the logistics of it all. Any help would be greatly appreciated!




RE: 4 Days in Iceland - September 2017

by Jannaheimirsson »

Visiting Iceland is a soul soothing and heartwarming experience. The beauty of this place is never ending. Yes, you can go to the Blue Lagoon in the morning. A few months ago I had visited Reykjavík and Blue Lagoon with the help of Discover Iceland. My journey was superb.


RE: 4 Days in Iceland - September 2017

by lindygirl »

The Blue Lagoon is best visited coming from the airport but it's very touristy. I thought it was worthwhile but not a must see (especially given the price!). Depends on what you're looking for. I think there are plenty of public pools which are nice.

We stayed in Reykjavik for 5 days and took day trips from there. Wrote about it in a blog post with photos and recommendations:

Enjoy trip planning!