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Another Restaurant Recommendation

by /bio/pheymont »

Balkanika calls itself Mediterranean-Balkan, but Bulgarian+Turkish/Lebanese might be more precise. It's a small place on Vitastigur, just off Laugavegur in Reykjavik 101. It was apparently previously at another location listed on some sites. 

There are about 16 seats.The decor is simple "peasant" designs in both tablecloths and plates. Service was pleasant and quick, and our waitress was helpful with suggestions and descriptions.

In general, the food was hearty, tasty and fresh. Numbers of dishes are available with a choice of chicken, lamb or pork. There are some of the typical Middle Eastern specialties (Tabouli, hummus, felafel) but most of the meat dishes, other than kebabs, are from the Balkan end of the menu.

We shared a very pleasant Greek salad (olives...otherwise the same as their other cucumber/tomato/onion/feta salad) and a tasty creme caramel; the caramel had that wonderful just-short-of-bitter, just-short-of-burnt quality. My wife had a lamb kavarma, a Bulgarian stew with vegetables that was delicious and rich; I had "Balkan grill" which was spiced ground-meat rolls, which I believe are actually called kebapchata. Excellent.

Total for two, including coffee and a specialty apple tea, approximately $48.