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Forums » Iceland » first time iceland - stopover for 4 days?


first time iceland - stopover for 4 days?

by /bio/melindabe »

Hi all,

Didn't see this "Iceland" Forum.  All the posts are VERY informative and scribbled things down :)

My bf and I are in our early 30s and spending 3 nights/4 days in Amsterdam, 7 nights in Paris, and 4 nights? in Iceland.   We plan to start at the end of August for 2 weeks and so will be in Iceland around the 10th-14th of September. 

We are from Canada and drive automatic only.  What are your thoughts on renting a car/landcruiser at this time of the year and given our ~4 day trip here VS tours via tours like reykjavik excursions.

for our 4 days we would love to do reykavik for one day exploring the city, the golden circle for one day, see northern lights (do you recommend a tour to get out there or suggest any places to go if drive?

there's just so much to see but seeing that we have 2 days booked already doing reykjavik and golden circle, what do you recommend?

being realistic don't think we would be able to get out to Vatnajoekull National Park, see lake myvatn, or askja

best to stay only in reykjavik or also do remote?  as in, if you recommend to drive, to stop along places to sleep overnight along the circle?



chuck biscuits

RE: first time iceland - stopover for 4 days?

by chuck biscuits »

As you have 2 full days in Reykjavik I would take the opportunity to use that time to explore Iceland as much as possible. Reykjavik is a great town but it is quite small, I suspect that after a day there you´ll be itching to get out and see some more of Iceland.The weather in September is usualy OK, certainly the South should still be relatively warm and snow and ice free. Also, renting a car should be a little cheaper in September. Many rental firms offer automatic models. 

If you´re up for a drive and a bit of an adventure, then I would think about visiting Snæfellsness, the peninsula on the west coast of Iceland. We hired a car in the morning, enjoyed a leisurely drive around the peninsula and made it back into RVK in the evening. You would probably have to leave pretty early (say 9am at the latest) to really have enough time to see everything and get back to Reykjavik at a reasonable hour.

Arnarstapi was a highight for me, as was hanging out in Stykkisholmur, a beautiful litle harbour town with fantastic restaurants.

Another option is the westman islands. You can get the car ferry from Landeyahofn (2 hours drive from RVK) and the crossing takes about 30 mins.

Not the best Website but it should give you an idea.

As for the northern lights, unlikely but not impossible in September. My advice is to NOT plan your trip around trying to see the Northern Lights. If you go looking for them you´ll invariably end up missing them. Enjoy Iceland´s fantastic landscape and if the Northern lioghts make an appearance, well thats just an added bonus!







RE: first time iceland - stopover for 4 days?

by /bio/warlord »

  I agree with Reykjavik, a full day would be overkill.  Maybe a few hours and that would be all you would need, thus saving up more time to do other things outside of the city...