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Iceland in 5 days

by travlr »


 We are planning to be in Iceland in early June and will have 5.5 days there. What are some must-see, off the usual tourist destinations that you'd recommend? We are planning to do the golden circle and drive down the Ring Road (not the entire distance though), hoping to stay just on the south side. Ideally, we would like to take it easy and enjoy a few places rather than cram too much into the itinerary. How far would be a good distance to go around the Ring Road to make this a great experience?



RE: Iceland in 5 days

by NatalieLeslie »


Have you finished your trip or it continues. If you have finished your trip then can you suggest me what are the most beautiful places to enjoy in the Iceland trip? I will be in Iceland 10 days with my family at the end of July. I have already booked my trip through I want to see all waterfalls in Iceland and Golden Circle, Snorkelling and Diving, Swim in the ocean and The Midnight Sun are right at the top of my list. Are these places interesting or not?