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Forums » Iceland » Iceland - Purchase a Self Driving Package or Plan It Myself


Iceland - Purchase a Self Driving Package or Plan It Myself

by /bio/boblivenla »


My wife and I are planning to go to Iceland in 2019 to celebrate our 50th birthdays.  We are going for 10-12 days in July (she's a teacher so we can only go in summer), and plan to drive the Ring Road.  This will be our first time to Iceland.

Should we buy a prearranged self-driving trip or book each individual site, car and hotel on our own?  Is the cost savings significant with the prearranged deal?  My only concern with the prearranged package is not having enough time in each location and being on the move each day.  I'm sure I could customize a trip if I wanted to spend more than one day in a location. We did a prearranged trip in Ireland and it was great.  We were there for 12 days and visited 1/2 the country.  

PS - I do enjoy planning my vacations so that wouldn't be an issue.

Thank you in advance for any insight you can provide!