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Package Deal

by /bio/dblais »

I saw a deal on Travelzoo for $1,000 for 5 nights =includes flight, hotel and some meals. My concern is that there is alot of down time and would be on our own for alot of the time. I am a female in my 50's and if I rent a car,  not sure if it would be difficult to explore the area (would be with some other people)  or if there is much to see if I were to rent a car.

The trip includes a sightseeing tour to Northern Lights so which month would be the best to visit?

Here are my choices in months that are offered  :  Nov 2-30 .   Dec.  4-13   Jan. 6-30    Feb 1-28  .   March 1-16







RE: Package Deal

by /bio/pheymont »

Your best chances for the Northern Lights are during the depths of winter, with longer nights and clearer skies; January and February are likely the choice for that. There are many day tours running out of Rekyjavik (we used Rekyjavik Excursions that cover quite a range north and east of the city--and Rekyjavik has worthwhile museums, other attractions and walks that will take up some of your time--even if, like us, you're not interested in the rather raucous youth nightlife!


RE: Package Deal

by drfumblefinger »

A five day trip goes by quickly in most places, except perhaps the smallest of small towns.  You don't say where the Iceland trip is based, but presumably Reykjavik.  As PHeymont outlines, there's lots to see and do to keep busy in the capitol.  The museums are varied and the Icelandic story is quite interesting to follow.  There are geothermal pools and walks by the sea, as well as to the attractions in the city.  If you add in a few group excursions to places like the Golden Circle or South Iceland, the time will fly by.  I don't recommend renting a car for a single traveler -- much cheaper and easier to be part of a group.

Remember that days in Iceland are very short during the winter, so there isn't much daylight.  Also, it is quite frostly and windy so be ready for that.

All that said, $1000 for five days including airfare seems like a pretty good rate.