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Forums » Iceland » Reykjadalur hot river


Reykjadalur hot river

by /bio/xmbe »

Hi guys, has anyone done the Reykjadalur hot river before? What's the best time to visit the river? And can I do a day trip from Reykjavik to it? Is it possible to go there by bus instead of driving? Thanks!




RE: Reykjadalur hot river

by /bio/glenn-d »


Yes! you can head there by bus by taking the Reykjavik to Hveragerði route on Stræto bus (or urban buses). It won't take you to the river itself but to the closest village which is Hveragerði. From there, you need to hike for around 3km.

I'd recommend heading there during the Fall, summer or spring time. Winter can be too cold and the river itself is not hot but warm.