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Forums » Iceland » Trip report - 5 days in Iceland


Trip report - 5 days in Iceland

by /bio/lindygirl »

I'm excited to share my trip report of 5 days in Iceland. We had a bunch of excursions scheduled but were canceled due to poor weather and volcanic activity. I think the biggest takeaway was to have a backup plan ready (which we didn't). One excursion was successful and I loved it!


Here are pictures, our itinerary, recommendations, and learnings:


Happy trip planning and thanks for reading!


RE: Trip report - 5 days in Iceland

by /bio/bethlend »


I very much enjoyed reading your trip report on Iceland! And checked out your report on Germany too as we are headed there as well. Thanks so much for taking the time to put it together. I had a quick question for you - I read in the Lonely Planet Iceland guide that you needed to make sure you had a PIN enabled credit card.  Did you find this to be true. I saw your note about paying for everythinkg with cc. Did you use a PIN with your card?

Thanks! Beth