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Forums » Iceland » Vegan in Iceland?

Ronald Hu

Vegan in Iceland?

by Ronald Hu »

Wondering if my diet takes Iceland "off the table"?

From what I've read, the food there tends to be very seafood and meat oriented. Will I be able to find any variety in the vegan options? I'd like to see Iceland, but I also don't want to be munching nuts the entire time I'm there, just to keep from fainting from hunger (which has happened to me on other foreign travels).

Hoping someone can answer. Thanks.

Pauline Frommer

RE: Vegan in Iceland?

by Pauline Frommer »

Iceland is not an easy country for vegans, unfortunately. Its specialties tend to involve fish, meat and dairy though you will find barley dishes and lots of different types of berries. Many of the vegeatbles we take for granted here in the USA have to be imported, and so can be more expensive. You should definitely go---it's a wonderful place. But the food likely won't be a highlight for you.