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Forums » Iceland » Westjfords in June


Westjfords in June

by /bio/paulbernthal »

I'm going to the Westfjords at the end of June for five nights. This trip is specifically to see this area since I've already done other parts of Iceland. Assuming I have five full days, I'm curious about any recommended sites, experiences, or towns. I'm interested in shorter hikes (no more than 5-6K) and other nature-oriented experiences that are varied in terms of activity and culture.  I'll have a 4x4 F-road vehicle and am not too concerned with being frugal.

Will probably spend one day/night to see Snaefellsnes and then take the ferry. Thinking about using Patreksfjorour and isafjorour for a a home base when it the Wesfjords. Is it best to stay in that area and not worry too much about the east side near Djupavik? Also not sure if it's ok to miss Hornstrandir Nature Reserve since it seems like it would take a lot of driving to get there. I'm ok with driving but don't want to drive 4-5 hours every day. I don't expect or need to see everything.

I can't spend more than this number of days and at this point I'm not concerned with other areas since this will not be my only trip here (visited twice already).