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jane robinson

Sun Valley

by jane robinson »

Another quick question! A friend has been urging me to head to Sun Valley this summer with her. I always thought of it as a ski resort. What do you do there in summer? Is it worth visiting?


RE: Sun Valley

by drfumblefinger »

Your friend is spot on!  Sun Valley is a great destination both in the winter as well as the summer.  In the summer you are in a lovely mountain town, with great opportunities for hiking, biking, fishing and rafting.  Did you know that Ernest Hemingway loved Sun Valley and spent as much time here as anywhere?  His grave is in Ketchum/Sun Valley, which if you love his writing you might want to visit. 

Nearby is the very interesting Craters of the Moon National Monument, about a 2 hour drive, also well worth spending a day seeing.  Not unlike visiting Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii, but without the active volcano.

I've written about both of these places in my blog, with lots of photos.  If you would like to read and see more, here's that link:

Here's a link to Sun Valley that contains lots of travel related information as well:


RE: Sun Valley

by /bio/mango »

There's wonderful hiking near Sun Valley in the Sawtooth Mountains. Aslo some good dude ranches if you enjoy riding. A wonderful destination year round.