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Forums » India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan & Sri Lanka » Affordable Tour Packages to India


Affordable Tour Packages to India

by /bio/abhishek001 »

Hi this is abhishek. Working with a travel Advisory and I have 5 year of experience in travel domain. Anytime you guys can ask me about any travel and tour information. For more Information about best tour affordable packages in India you may visit on my website .


RE: Affordable Tour Packages to India

by /bio/lak123 »

The best and most affordable tour packages in Kerala is offered by "Kerala tour packages guide". Kerala is the land of unending palm groves, pristine sandy beaches, sprawling tea plantations, rolling green hills, calming backwaters, mouth-watering cuisine and much more. The packages offered are of three types:

1.       Honeymoon tour packages

2.       Family tour packages


3.       Group tour packages