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Forums » India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan & Sri Lanka » Do you use travel insurance when travelling abroad?


Do you use travel insurance when travelling abroad?

by /bio/sandalik »

As someone who travels abroad often, travel insurance was something I always thought about. But I did not come across a trustworthy insurance partner until recently my close friend introduced me to Fairfirst Insurance. If you are a resident in Sri Lankan without any hassle you could buy travel insurance to have cover while you are away. 

Travelling alone can be pretty intimidating sometimes, especially when you face challenges such as losing luggage, getting injured, falling sick, trip/flight cancellation and so on. As a girl who has been travelling for more than 3 years now (still a newbie) I panic sometimes to face such circumstances in a foreign country. In my personal opinion, everyone who usually travels alone needs to have some kind of protection in some way and buying travel insurance from a trusted company is an easy way.