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Forums » Indiana » How Does One See The Indianapolis 500?

alice in travel land

How Does One See The Indianapolis 500?

by alice in travel land »

Does one have to get tickets months in advance? Stub hub? Any suggestions (or extra tickets!!!) greatly appreciated.


RE: How Does One See The Indianapolis 500?

by /bio/caroline »

I can't tell you how to get tickets to Indy, though I've been to the race.   The tickets were provided by some friends but I think the process is probably much like it is at the Coca-cola 600 in Charlotte.   In Charlotte, you can have either permanently reserved seats or you can order them when they go on sale.   If there are some left during race week they can be purchased, but generally they aren't the best seats.     The Indy track is so different from Charlotte though that I'm not sure how to tell you where the good seats are located.   We were in a corporate box and we could go up to the bleachers that went with it but you could only see a portion of the track as we were basically in the center of the track.  Here is a link to the Indy Track Office and there is a button for tickets, so they may still have some.   It's worth a try if you want to go.

Hope that helps.  Have fun.