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by /bio/mehrdadzaman »


Being a four-season country, worlds number 16th in terms of area, Iran, is home to two of world’s biggest deserts, beautiful Islands in Persian Gulf that you can walk in your flip-flops and T-shirts during Winter as well as highest pick in middle east, Damavand, which you need warm clothes at the pick, even in the long summer days. Its due to this diverse and versatile climate and its rich nature that Iran has turned to a popular destiny for Skiers all around the world and Iran Ski Touring is a well-known activity between the tourists.

Skiing in Iran is also quite famous with locals and many different Iran ski tours are conducted every year. Having blessed by Alborz and Zagros ranges, which is in between of Alpine-Himalayan orogenic belt; has made it possible to ski in Iran in almost any season with the exception of Summer. There is a long list of Iran ski resorts and many mountains for Iran ski touring, most famously Damavand Ski touring, with relatively very few risks of avalanche, Iran is a dream destination for Ski trips, both for Iran on-piste skiing as well as Iran backcountry skiing.