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Forums » Ireland » Everyone's Favorite - Ryan Air From Dublin and Airport to Dublin Question


Everyone's Favorite - Ryan Air From Dublin and Airport to Dublin Question

by /bio/warlord »

  So I'm flying to London for my usual Thanksgiving as I try and do every year again.  This time though, because it's cheaper I'm actually flying into Dublin from the US and then taking a separate Ryan Air round trip flight to London.

  Now I've heard all about Ryan Air and complaints and such, but was curious about the Non-EU stamp I need to get on my boarding pass.  Does anyone know if I can get that stamp in advance?  As in the day I arrive in Dublin, rather than trying to get it the day I fly out to London (2 days later)?  Since I'll be allowed to print my boarding pass 30 days in advance I was thinking this might save me some airport time.

  Also along with Dublin I know there is the 700 bus that goes to Trinity College area, but the hotel I'm staying at told me the 747 might be better as it's a bit closer to the hotel.  The issue is catching the 747 bus, the earliest bus in the morning would get me to the airport in perfect conditions about 2 hours before my flight.

  So would that be enough time for me (since I'll have my Ryan Air boarding pass) to get my EU stamp on the boarding pass if I can't get that in advance and make my flight?  (I won't have any check in bags at all), but have heard it's kind of a chaotic way Ryan Air uses to check in.

  If the 747 bus isn't going to be a viable option, I can just take a bit of a walk that early morning and take the 700 bus to the airport instead, just don't know how reliable the buses are in Dublin though...