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Forums » Ireland » Having second thoughts about my itinerary...


Having second thoughts about my itinerary...

by awilliams »

We're planning on being in Ireland from the 10th-18th of March because a friend of mine is getting married in London and we decided to extend the vacation after attending the wedding. At the moment, we were planning on flying into Shannon from London on the 10th and picking up our rental car and heading for: 2 nights in Corofin, 2 nights in Galway, 1 night in Kilkenny, and ending 3 nights in Dublin. We've already reserved the 3 night stay in Dublin (BnB is actually in Dundrum) because of the festival and concern that accommodations wouldn't be available because of that. However, we haven't reserved anything else because I'm starting to second guess the areas we chose.

I knew since we had only a short period of time to spend in Ireland that I needed to pick either north or south and make somewhat of an arch instead of a loop with the areas we chose, and stay 2 nights in each area. I only heard about Corofin because of Airbnb and they had a pretty nice looking BnB for a good price and it didn't seem far from Ennis which was the original plan. I figured staying in Corofin to begin with we could visit the Cliffs as well as see some castles near Limerick (King John's mostly) and then tour the Burren area as we make our way to Galway. The problem I'm having though is the route from Galway to Dublin because I know that we're wanting to come through Wicklow on our way to Dundrum/Dublin. Because we were wanting to go through this area, we figured it was best to stay in Kilkenny to break up the drive from Galway.

I guess now I'm just second guessing my route because I'm thinking the areas I chose are more mountainside and I was kind of hoping for a variety of areas.When I was looking at my list of places that I'd like to visit in Ireland I see a lot more places in the County Clare/Limerick, Kerry, and Cork area than in the Galway/Kilkenny area. I know from reviews of Galway that it's a gorgeous area, I guess I just worry that in the back of my mind I'll be thinking about the photo ops in the south part that I'm missing out on.

The downside to changing my route though is it's a lot more of a driving distance from what I've seen from Shannon to the south part ending in the Dublin area than it would be to go from Shannon to Galway/Kilkenny. What do you think I should do? Should I just stick with the route that I have already or can I make some minor adjustments. The only dates I cannot change would be the 15-18th because we already have reservations in Dundrum. We haven't purchased our plane tickets from London to Shannon because we were still mulling over the beginning of the trip details and didn't know if we would want to fly in Shannon or if it would be better to fly somewhere else.

Am I making any sense? I think I might just be an overthinker.


RE: Having second thoughts about my itinerary...

by /bio/enchantingireland »


Hmmm, I'm not sure you're over thinking this.  You've picked some places that you said you aren't really interested in so I think you should rethink this.

Firstly, I typically go with hotels for Dublin over B&Bs... I've found B&Bs to be a bit pricey and not up to par when compared to the countryside (as far as price for rating).  Plus, as you've found out, you have to go into the suburbs for B&Bs which means a 30-minute train/bus ride to get into the city which makes it harder to enjoy the city.  I usually recommend 2 nights in Dublin and one full day to get a good feel for it.  Again, my opinion...

Now, the countryside.

I've been through Corofin and never considered staying there -- it's just not convenient to things.  How about Doolin?  It's got some nice pubs for music and clients have always given great reviews for it.  I spent a whole week there two years ago.  

You already said you would rather go to Kerry than Galway so cut that out and go south to swing over to Dublin.  If you were going more north then I would say yes, keep Galway in.

Now, with the amount of days you have I would consider 1 night stays in many locations as you meander back to Dublin.  Make it more relaxing than that last-day dash to Dublin.  While 2 nights in Doolin is great, it depends on the arrival time from London -- if you get in early then you have the day to explore, a little exploration as you leave and head to the next place.  Create a path of the places you want to see and make your way leisurely back to Dublin.


RE: Having second thoughts about my itinerary...

by /bio/mango »

The rule of thumb for me when it comes to Ireland, and this may be controversial, is countryside over the cities. I just don't think Dublin, Gallway and Limerick are nearly as interesting as the small towns in County Clare, or seeing the Connemara or Dingle Peninsula. Limerick, in fact, is downright depressing (so I'd take it off your list). You may want to rethink your vacation so that you spend less time in the big cities and more in the countryside. 

Another rule of thumb: driving distances in Ireland may look short on a map, but since they're often on winding country roads, rather than big highways, its takes about a third more time to get anywhere over there than it does here in the US. Now the upside to that is the scenery along the roads is often spectacular. But you don't want to spend all your time getting from place to place. So you may want to concentrate on fewer destinations, making day trips from each.

Hope this helps.