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Forums » Ireland » How to pack for 9 nights in Ireland


How to pack for 9 nights in Ireland

by /bio/stellabug »

We are going to Ireland June 2017.

We have just begun to plan our intinerary.  Next is how to pack with such unpredicatble weather.  I have heard layers are the best.  Any suggestions would be helpful.  We will be mostly in the country side with only a few days in Dublin.



RE: How to pack for 9 nights in Ireland

by /bio/pauline-frommer »

You're absolutly right: layers are KEY. At that's during every season of the year. I once spent one of the chilliest Augusts of my life in Ireland! If I were you, I'd get one of those light down jackets, the type that can be squooshed into a small satchel to bring with you. It's also important to bring a small, fold-up umbrella, as it rains a lot (the reason Ireland is so green). You don't need fancy clothing; most every restaurant, especially in the countryside, will be casual. And bring shoes you can get muddy as you'll be tramping about a lot. Have a wonderful time. Eire is magical!