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Forums » Ireland » Itinerary Help Needed for First Timer

mamie gc

Itinerary Help Needed for First Timer

by mamie gc »

Hello All,

Thanks in advance for your help. This would be for a May visit of 1.5 weeks. I've read about Clonmacnoise, so that's a must see for me and a dear friend fell in love with the Connemara Peninsula. But after that I'm not sure what to do until we return to Dublin for the flight back. Here's what we have so far:

Days 1-3 Dublin

Day 4 Drive to Clonmacnoise, see it, then drive on to Galway

Day 5: Galway

Day 6-8: Connemara Peninsula

Day 8-10:???

Day 11 drive back to Dublin, overnight, leave next day.

Any suggestions or is there another order we should do this in? Should we skip Galway?


RE: Itinerary Help Needed for First Timer

by /bio/enchantingireland »

Mamie GC,

Ok, so you have a few things that you've listed in your itinerary... are there any other "must see" places or things you want to do?

If you're in going from Galway to Connemara then I wiould suggest going up to Donegal for the last two nights before heading back to Dublin for your overnight.  THe ride wouldn't be too long getting up there, lots of towns to stop along the way and then of course Donegal for two nights.  Take a day trip the 2nd day to Slieve League.