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Forums » Ireland » Taking children on a distillery tour---inappropriate? Illegal?


Taking children on a distillery tour---inappropriate? Illegal?

by jiminy »

We'll be traveling with my brother and his family to Ireland this summer, partially to trace our genealogy. He has 7 year old twin girls who are generally well-behaved. At one point, we'll be near a famous distillery and I thought it would be fun to visit, but my sister-in-law says that we can't take kids. I'm pretty sure she didn't research to find that answer. 

I would think a distillery tour would be fun for them. I always liked seeing how things were made when I was a kid. And obviously they won't be sampling. Who is right here? Please settle the argument for us!


RE: Taking children on a distillery tour---inappropriate? Illegal?

by /bio/pauline-frommer »

Though I feel awkward wading into a family spat, it's perfectly legal to take kids on a distillery tour. I'm not sure how interesting they'll find it—a lot depends on how engaging the tour guide is, since they won't have the end of tour treat of tasting what they just saw made. But here's a suggestion: can't the family go separate ways on this one? Maybe your brother and his kids can be doing something else why you're at the distillery. Then you can all reconvene at dinner when you can (tipsily) tell them about your adventures, and they can recount theirs.