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Forums » Italy & Malta » Day trips from Orvieto to Bagnoregio by bus


Day trips from Orvieto to Bagnoregio by bus

by mojodave »

We just used last weekend a new bus excursion service that depart from Orvieto Scalo (Piazza della Pace, under the train station) to Bagnoregio. It is a nice bus with audioguide on board and informational brochure. Round trip € 15/person. The excursions (which is not guided) provided me and my wife enough time to enjoy Civita and have lunch there. You arrive in Bagnoregio, then walk to Civita (there is also a local bus that takes you to the Belvedere view point of Civita). Definitely a useful and fun day excursion! Only available on Saturdays and Sundays (on Sunday the public transportation does not run!). We got our tix and info here. Buon viaggio!