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Forums » Italy & Malta » Is there a direct train from Linate Airport to Lake Como? Have luggages and we 60 years young


Is there a direct train from Linate Airport to Lake Como? Have luggages and we 60 years young

by /bio/funtraveler »

Thank you all so much in advance for all your help!

So here goes!

We want to see Lake Como. We have from Sept.24-29th.  We will land at Milan Linate Airport with 2 check in and 2 carry ons.  We are 60 yrs young.

Don't want to drive because we are not good at it!  So trains trains trains might be our best option.  What hotel is the closest to train station that will take us to Lake Como.  We don't want to walk uphill to train stations.  Which part of Lake Como is the easiest for us so we don't have to transfer from one train to another?  We would like to see either Bellagio or Varenna only if there is a train station direct from Moxy Milan Linate Airport hotel.  Or another option since we arrive around 9 in morning we can train directly from Linate Airport to Lake Como with 2 50LB check ins and 2 carry ons. I can look for airbnb's in Bellagio or Varenna or any town near Lake Como.   Any ideas?  Also is it less expensive buying online or just buying train ticket same day. 

Oh!  Is it worth our time to visit Parma and Bologna.  I am interested in visiting their Parma ham food tour and Bologna food tour.  Maybe stay a night in Parma or Bologna.  Huge thanks again.


RE: Is there a direct train from Linate Airport to Lake Como? Have luggages and we 60 years young

by /bio/awinegeek »

First of all: why are you traveling with 2 - 50lb bags plus carry-ons? I imagine that you think you actually need ALL of that stuff, but please believe me that you don't. You don't need half of the stuff you are planning to lug around.


Believe me, you will find it liberating to travel with a light load.


My wife and I are able to travel to Europe for usually about 2 weeks at a time, with only a 20 inch carry-on and a small messenger bag each. Makes train travel a lot easier if you can carry your own load. (there will be no porters to help you at the regional train stations.) Just need to pack smart.


There is no train station at Linate airport so you will have to travel to Milano Centrale by taxi, private car transfer, or there is a shuttle bus. From Milano you can get a train to Varenna (I'm not sure about Bellagio)


The Trenitalia web site is pretty easy to use. Note that even on the English site you need to use the Italian city names. (Milano is pretty much the same in both languages so no problem.)  This is a "regional" train so there is no need to purchase ahead, you don't need to reserve a specific seat for this train, they run about every hour.

If you are booking high speed trains, aka "freccia", then it is advantageous to book in advance. you can find good discounts 90 days before your trip. On these trains you reserve a specific seat on a specific train.

Parma and Bologna are definitely worth a visit. Best pasta in the world! (And ham and cheese too) and more!