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Forums » Jamaica » Which part of Jamaica to stay


Which part of Jamaica to stay

by travelpro123 »

Hello everyone

Need help in understanding which part of Jamaica to choose. We are looking for all inclusive resorts and there are so many goods ones. But not sure whether we should stay in Ocho Rios or Motego bay or other parts? We are flying from NJ next month.


Thanks in advance


RE: Which part of Jamaica to stay

by cherrylsblog »

I stayed in Negril for two weeks  a few years ago - Negril is known for beeing a bit quieter than Montego Bay (less tourist heavy) - I also though the hotels were nicer in Negril - I stayed at the RIU Club and visited the RIU Palace too. The Club hotel is bigger and busier that the Palace further down the beach strip.

I went over the Christmas/New Year period so it was all very lively; I'm not sure what it will be like now though.

I have heard many people say that out of these three locations, Ocho Rios is the prettiest with nicer beachs.

RIU Club Hotel Negril: 

Hope this helps.