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Forums » Japan » Japan in December - yay or nay?


Japan in December - yay or nay?

by /bio/potatoplanet »

Hello all,

So my future husband and I will be visiting Japan at the end of the year. We will be arriving in early December (between the 1st and the 4th - still looking at tickets) and returning two weeks later. Our tentative itinerary is below:

Day 1-3: Arrive in Tokyo and explore the city

Day 4: Tokyo-Kyoto

Day 5-6: Kyoto

Day 7: Nara/Kyoto

Day 8: Kyoto-Himeji-Hiroshima

Day 9: Hiroshima-Miyajma-Kanazawa

Day 10: Kanazawa

Day 11: Kanazawa-Shirakawago

Day 12: Shirakawago-Takayama

Day 13: Takayama

Day 14: Takayama-Tokyo

Day 15: Return to America

My first question is this: is it worth going to Japan in early/mid December? We don't mind the cold - we actually find it rather romantic. But, from everyone's experience, will it be as enjoyable as, say, going in November? We also have considered going to Japan in mid/late November, if it will make that much of a difference.

My next questions is: is this itinerary too packed? If so, which items should i cut out?

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!


RE: Japan in December - yay or nay?

by /bio/billiv »

Doesn't look too packed to me--but others might disagree. 

We enjoyed staying in Shirakawa-go. Well, we enjoyed everplace we visited in Japan, but Shirakawas-go was unique.  Must be very pretty with snow (we were there in the spring during Sakura season).  We met 5 businessmen from Osaka who visit Shirakawa-go for several days each Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall. We stayed in the same gassho-zukuri. They were great fun.

Our son and daughter-in-law went in late December and early January a few years ago and had a great time. They got to greet the Emporer on his birthday (well, along with a few thousand other people in the crowd).  Don't know that my old bones could deal with the cold, but they were fine with it.