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Forums » Japan » Need advice for transportation


Need advice for transportation

by /bio/thduongchu »

Hi there,

I have started to plan up my trip to Japan at the end of this year and my journey will be like this:

Arrive at Osaka - Mt Koya - Iseshi - Kyoto - Takayama - Kiso valley - Nikko - Osaka to land off

Im thinking about buying JR Pass after checking out the single fares at Hyperdia, however im still want to find other railway pass or region pass or bus pass to keep some extra money for shopping.

Therefore any recommendation?




RE: Need advice for transportation

by /bio/pauline-frommer »

There is a pass that's only available to foreign visitors. You may want to check into that. There's a good agency in Washington, DC called Nippon Travel (specialists) that should be able to help you. Have a wonderful trip!


RE: Need advice for transportation

by /bio/starchild »

You did not say how long your trip will be. If you leave Osaka and return within 7 days, a 7 day JR Pass would pay off. However, if more than 7 days you'd need to extend

your itinerary more to make a 14 day JR Pass cost effective. Some people do a day trip or overnight to Hiroshima/Miyajima, which is well worth it. Another possible option would be the Takayama-Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass. 

Note however that to get from Takayama to the Kiso Valley area by rail would be extremely time consuming - paying for a bus would save you time and sanity. See here

and choose "To/From Kiso Valley".

To go to Nikko, if you are not using a JR Pass, look into getting a Tobu Nikko Free Pass and also for going to Koyasan, a JR Pass won't help you much at all - look into getting a Koyasan World Heritage Ticket.

Good luck.