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donna does

Need Japan Tour Advice

by donna does »

WE would like to travel to Japan this Summer. We have traveled with frequently with Tauck and recently with Monograms to Peru. We would like a couple of recommendations for tour companies for Japan. We are 2 healthy couples in our 60's and like to see as much as possible without the hassle of worrying about our luggage and how to get from one location to another.
Thank you 


RE: Need Japan Tour Advice

by PWWeber »

Tauck offers escorted tours to Japan as does Monograms. If you want an escorted tour it is probably best to go with a firm that you already know.

Japan is surprisingly easy to travel independently. Interesting you mention the luggage; the Japanese have that figured out. There are services called "takuhaibin" that deliver parcels and luggage door-to-door. We used one to ship our luggage from our hotel in Kyoto to our hotel in Ueno (Tokyo suburb). Price was reasonable, the hotel took care of everything, and the luggage was waiting for us when we arrived at our Ueno hotel. We didn't have to worry about trying to check it or find a place for it on the high speed bullet train.


RE: Need Japan Tour Advice

by billiv »

I agree with PWWeber.  My wife and I visited Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya, Takayama, and Shirakawa-go over a 2-week span and had no "hassle" or "worry" about travel arrangements or luggage.  Of course, we do travel light--just one carryon size suitcase each and a small daypack for medicines and such.  In the cities we visited, public transport info is in several languages--always Japanese and English, usually Chinese and Korean as well.  Depending on the city, we also saw French and Spanish here and there.  You would have to be extreme worrywarts or inept to not be able to handle it pretty easily.

BUT it is your money and time, so do what makes you comfortable.  I'm just letting you know that there is nothing to be concerned about if you are fairly intelligent people who don't get flustered about a minor mis-step that might happen along the way.

NOTE:  Just in case someone misinterprets what I said about worrywarts and the inept--I'm not saying that everyone who takes a tour is an extreme worrywart or inept.  Some people just don't like planning and studying before they travel.  But anyone who isn't an extreme worrywart or inept shouldn't choose a tour just because they think traveling by public transport or handling luggage in Japan is a challange.


RE: Need Japan Tour Advice

by jimipoter »

I must say here that Jpan has many attractions or interesting point with its beautiful accommodations for tourists. I have also visited Japan with my buddies but I want to go there once again for enjoying my holidays here. I will try to explore its these attractions like 

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