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Forums » Japan » Tokyo Hotel suggestions?


Tokyo Hotel suggestions?

by RaleighGal »

We will be arriving at Narita and staying in Tokyo for 3 nights before a cruise out of Osanbashi terminal in Yokohama. We will take the N'EX or the airport shuttle to our hotel and we travel lightly - one wheeled carry on each. But we are two older folks who don't walk long distances very well anymore. We are not big shoppers, but strongly prefer having moderately priced restaurants and pubs nearby.


From what I've read, Shinjuko or Shibuya are the areas that make the most sense for us, correct???


Including taxes, we would like to keep our hotel budget no more than 28,000 ¥ per night - less would be better. Easy access to public transport (including the transportation from Narita) and restaurants are more important than luxury, but we're not into hostels or super-teeny-tiny rooms.


Suggestions are requested.


RE: Tokyo Hotel suggestions?

by kathleenjackson040 »

Here are some of best hotels in Tokyo. 

  • Hotel New Otani Tokyo
  • Aman Tokyo
  • Mandarin Oriental Tokyo
  • Conrad Tokyo