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Forums » Japan » Tokyo Hotel suggestions?


Tokyo Hotel suggestions?

by /bio/raleighgal »

We will be arriving at Narita and staying in Tokyo for 3 nights before a cruise out of Osanbashi terminal in Yokohama. We will take the N'EX or the airport shuttle to our hotel and we travel lightly - one wheeled carry on each. But we are two older folks who don't walk long distances very well anymore. We are not big shoppers, but strongly prefer having moderately priced restaurants and pubs nearby.


From what I've read, Shinjuko or Shibuya are the areas that make the most sense for us, correct???


Including taxes, we would like to keep our hotel budget no more than 28,000 ¥ per night - less would be better. Easy access to public transport (including the transportation from Narita) and restaurants are more important than luxury, but we're not into hostels or super-teeny-tiny rooms.


Suggestions are requested.


RE: Tokyo Hotel suggestions?

by /bio/kathleenjackson040 »

Here are some of best hotels in Tokyo. 

  • Hotel New Otani Tokyo
  • Aman Tokyo
  • Mandarin Oriental Tokyo
  • Conrad Tokyo



RE: Tokyo Hotel suggestions?

by /bio/evagoblin »

Do NOT stay at the Sorapia Hotel, in Tokyo, business is VERY unethical.  Skip to the last paragraph, if you want to read only the reason why, it is a budget hotel so that is why this shoud be posted on this website. 

If you don't like long reviews, you can skip the first paragraph and get to the meat of why I gave them a one star review.    I booked the hotel the day of check-in, came of fa cruiseship in Yokohama and in the cruise terminal after briefly reading the positive reviews booked for a six night stay. After booking online on my chromebook left for over a 3 hour trip to Tokyo (was misinformed by a fellow passenger as to how to get there on train) by train and subway with no access to the internet.  When we got there, discovered no way to get in, only a sign in Japanese, after a few minutes went two doors down to where a manager  of an adjoining apt. house with a cell phone called  them, got instructions on how to get key from mailbox.  When we got into building, we did not know how to get into the apt. so had to go and ask neighbor again, and that time was informed that there was a phone in the apt. as I was getting concerned that I had to go to the neighbor all the time as no one was there. When we got inside we searched and searched and saw no cell phone and I had enough. We put the keys back in the mailbox and went to the neighbor and informed him we were leaving and saw him call them. As I booked it with, after walking for twenty minutes I found a 7/11 with wifi and I immediately called and informed them that I would not be staying at this location. The rep. said he called them but they would not refund the money but agreed with me, that I had reason not to stay (NOwhere in the initial description on,  did it say that this was NOT a hotel but like a private residence on Airbnb) and said I should charge it back to the credit card company, the initial charge back agent at my credit card company, said that he agreed also, I had good reason to leave.  Unfortunately, however because it was non refundable they would not help me and I am still fighting it. If I had booked this months, weeks,or even days ahead, and they had to turn away people from booking the room or if I had booked the room late so someone who wanted to book the same day I would've been more understanding of their reluctance for cancelling and refunding the booking and although not happy about it willing to be charged one night, but for five additional nights, unlike an airplane seat or a cruise, the room can be available.  There was an Ipad by the door for check in and I did NOT sign it.  I wanted either or my cc to check their bookings to see if they rented the room to another party and got paid twice but neither would do that.    My issue is not with the refund, I will have to fight that on my own.  My issue is the fact that the hotel LIED about our staying there. I had asked to help, and I use travel agencies to book things so when I have problems they can help me, and they did very little except contacting them continuously only to have them turn down a refund. In the last communication, the hotel falsely claimed that someone (and it was not us, as both AND my credit card  company BOTH knew we stayed elsewhere) had stayed there, they could have just pointed to their no refund policy but may be afraid of the charge back since I could use the reason, that I did not avail myself of their services.   And that is my point, although they do have positive reviews for the accommodations. based on MY experience with their dishonesty, if you left (and they have your credit card number) and something was broken or missing and YOU did not do it, they could charge YOU for it, and you would have NO recourse, is it worth the hassle knowing how they do business??  For all I know, knowing that it was being paid for, they could have had a friend stay for free.  I repeat, to avoid having something like this happen to you, do NOT stay there. They could have simply lied because they got tired of asking for the refund (which I am sure they will do) but it is WRONG as that is NOT what happened.